About Us

Royer-Maddox-Herron Advisors exists to serve as your trusted advisor when you are in need of transformational thinking and visionary change.

Our knowledge was honed by work in many different settings: clinical, governance, executive leadership, from small hospitals to large complex international systems. Along the way, wisdom taught us perspective, open-mindedness, persistence, humor, humility, fairness, kindness and an appreciation for excellence from collaboration and teamwork.

Our work style is direct and straightforward. We have been at the table and faced tough decisions. We understand the need for speed. We know how to cut through the chaff and get to the heart of the matter. We have a bias for action.

Our commitment is that we stand at the ready to help you assess your already existing strengths; to identify new opportunities for success; and to focus on the few tough choices that will proactively enable sustainability in these fast changing times.

How can our team help you?