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    Breaking Out
    Of The Health Care Abyss

    A guidebook for how to survive the hospital and medical services business environment

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    Our Century of
    Healthcare Experience is
    Your Agent of Change

    A multifaceted human approach to helping clients.

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    Your Strategic
    Partner in Growing
    Your Business

    We focus on your long-term success and growth.

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    Change & Visionary

    Collaboration and teamwork helps drive toward excellence.

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We Serve as Trusted Advisors

Executive and C-Suite clients seeking transformational thinking and visionary change turn to us.

Along the way, wisdom taught us perspective, open-mindedness, persistence, humor, humility, fairness, kindness and an appreciation for excellence which comes from collaboration and teamwork.

Meet Our Team

Our Approach

Our Experiences & Foundation:

  • We are proven agents of change, having predicted and led many companies to a healthy future.
  • We have ensured viability and success for hospitals, clinical groups and other healthcare related companies throughout the U.S. and abroad.
  • Our team has resolved challenges in the areas of governance, leadership, clinical care, patient improvements, financial analysis, formalized education and organizational structures.

Our Coaching Style:

  • We are personal coaches, mentors and confidential advisors.
  • We steer our clients to comfortably make transformational changes.
  • From training workshops to analyzing vexing medical issues, we are direct and straightforward.
  • We are coalition builders, keeping our eyes on future scenarios.

Our Services

  • Futures and Strategic Processes

    For a large multi-state and international health care provider, the Royer Maddox Herron team led the organization to understand and act upon the profound and impactful changes coming from the intersection of significant and the least predictable trends. Read More

  • International Development

    Our skilled team was responsible for the development of a healthcare partnership which formed the first distinctly operational joint venture between a US based health system and a long established Mexican hospital. Read More

  • Investor Advice and Counsel

    We advised a health investment regarding the impact of the Accountable Care Act. Some see the addition of the currently uninsured population to the insured ranks as a boon to increase hospital inpatient volumes. Read More

  • Governance and Management of Strategic Alignment

    Our clinical experience and knowledge when coupled with our credibility and background in vision, strategy, execution and forthright objectivity have been helpful to our clients changing board roles, healthcare changes and the need to sustain services for their communities. Read More

  • Presentations

    We are recognized and sought after public speakers. Members of our team have made presentations to national, state, regional, and corporate gatherings both in the US and in international settings. Read More

  • Services for Your Organization

    We are prepared to apply our extensive background, knowledge, wisdom and energy to challenges facing your organization in this dynamic and unpredictable world. Read More

Breaking Out Of The Health Care Abyss

A guidebook for how to survive the hospital and medical services business environment

Thomas Royer, Peter Maddox and Jay Herron, collectively, have more than 100 years of experience in the cockpit of some of the most recognized healthcare organizations in the United States. It is their intent to help readers successfully lead their organizations through a transformational journey in the current turmoil in the health care industry.

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  • Bruce A. Naylor, MD

    Voluntary Hospital Association (VHA)

    “"Your presentation was the highest rated of the program and I can, without reservation, recommend you as a keynote speaker for all levels of health care professionals."”

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  • Katherine Brigaitis, Controller

    TSPCS Conference - San Antonio

    ““I just wanted to tell you how profoundly inspiring and educational your Health Care Transformational Journey segment was this morning at our TSCPA conference. There were so many take-aways from just 90 minutes of listening to you. Thank you””

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  • Kurt Corbin, Board Member

    Hawaii Health Systems Corporation - East Region

    “"Tom has both the body of knowledge and the unique gift of expression that enables reflection and transformation."”

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  • Rob Malone RN, BSN

    Sierra View District Hospital

    “"Dr Royer truly speaks from experience and it shows with his passion for helping others..."”

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